IT Solutions

What we offer

Hutchison Technical provides IT Solutions for Content Management Systems, e-commerce, micro-services, and general web application development. We are onshore in London, UK where we can service any project or requirement in London, South-East England, or anywhere in the United Kingdom. We also have the capability and capacity to take on remote near-shore / off-shore work from the EU, USA, and globally regardless of timezone.

This includes:

  • Planning and preparing your project
  • Green- and Brown-field web application development, in any programming language, on any platform
  • Deployment of Enterprise Platforms for CMS, CRM, e-commerce, and more
  • Change Management through DevOps best practices
  • Documentation of existing systems and new requirements
  • Agile approaches, tooling, and processes
  • Digital transformations
  • Technical design
  • Architecture of the solution
  • Discussion and validation of your business needs and how they map to the available technology
  • General project management
  • Collaboration with your staff to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Optimising the delivery process
  • Analysis of competitors solutions to out-perform them
  • Helping you create the best possible user journeys for your customers and maximise both your conversions but also have experiences that spark joy
  • Leveraging your existing investments in information systems through intelligent and appropriate integrations
  • Software forensics, static analysis, and 3rd party library license checking & management
  • Optimisation of developer onboarding, code safety and security, version control, backups, and testing enviroment creation & maintenance
  • Coding guidelines & standards, how you can enforce them, and most importantly how they benefit you as a business
  • Mentoring of developers on a non-classroom, practical collaborative work-based training basis
  • Getting the most from your SaaS services, as well as recommendations for additional services that will provide true value


Solutions for Content Management

We can help you with the following:

  • websites and content management
  • digital asset management
  • getting started with analytics, measurement, and monitoring to make the most of your investment
  • deciphering the results from SEO and planning actionable steps to improve results
  • integrating your website with CRM and other business systems
  • building applications to achieve real results for your business
  • security for your PII and advice over GDPR and other regulatory requirements
  • setting up social media accounts

Other IT Services

Unfortunately, we cannot offer services and solutions that require any of the following:

  • Management of desktop computers or mobile devices
  • Anything to do with physical telecommunications
  • Supplying software licences, although we can help facilitate this
  • Operational IT, such as service desk management
  • Anti-virus solutions, although we can recommend services that offer this
  • Backup management, offsite backups. We have connections if you need these services who will be able to help you
  • Classroom-based training

We also do not work with the following industry sectors:

  • gambling
  • gaming
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • adult industries
  • military / defence
  • politicised organisations
  • fossil-fuel industries


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