Bespoke branded screensavers

Showcase your brand when your computer sleeps


A branded and custom screensaver for your business is a thing of beauty. What could be better than showing your brand whenever your laptop goes to sleep, or in your office with it's many computers before the screens power down into energy saving mode.

Why have a custom screen saver?


There are many useful things that you can show on the screen. These include:

  • a clock in your local time. This is my personal favourite.
  • clocks for your other offices around the world can be really useful too
  • news and alerts
  • logos and visual effects can be impressive

With a fully custom screensaver you can add dashboard widgets, news tickers, clocks, timers, calendars, stock prices, and anything else you like.

Screensavers are better than dashboards because they are inherently more secure. The computer is locked when they are running, preventing unauthorised users from using the machine.

Processing power


The other thing you can do with a screensaver is make it utilise the capabilities of the 'spare' machine to your advantage. You might need tasks to be executed or data downloaded and processed, or you might want to use many computers to index a filestore. There's a lot of options and possibilities in this area.

We can wire in message queues, databases, and other technologies to make the most of your investment in computing power. Alternatively we can leave the machines idle and keep power usage to a minimum while still displaying messages and branding.

API integration


We can build a custom screen saver that integrates with any API. Get in touch with your requirements and we can build it for you.
Examples of APIs include:

  • Office 365
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • RSS & ATOM news feeds
  • e-commerce platforms so you can show stats
  • CMS platforms such as Magnolia CMS, Adobe AEM, Drupal, Wordpress, and more
  • OS statistics such as free disk space
  • analytics, if you need to find out how much time is spent on screensaving
  • development tools such as Jenkins and GitHub to show status
  • REST and gRPC API endpoints (ask us or your developers if you need help identifying API type). Other types are also possible.
  • Database integration to show facts from Relational RDBMS and noSQL data sources

We'll help you design your integration and screen saver, and make sure you comply not only with common data privacy needs such as GDPR but also your corporate policy to protect secrets. After all, a screen saver is intended to run when nobody is at the computer so you would only want non-confidential information displayed.

Digital Signage


Effectively this becomes a unique form of digital signage where we can display any images, messages, or dynamic data on screens. If you wanted to put this screensaver on your signs and displays around your office or use it it in a public-facing manner then we can create something to meet your needs.

Just because it's a 'screensaver' doesn't mean it can't be interactive. We can connect microphones, cameras, keypads and keyboards, and even touch panels and make it respond.

We can integrate with sensors and other bespoke technology if you have chosen to include those in the hardware.

Audio is also possible in a signage capacity, but not recommended for use in desktop screensavers.

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