Worldwide software development and support services

At Hutchison Technical we are able and willing to help you build and maintain your online offering no matter where you are in the world.

We’re ideally positioned in GMT +0 time zone we can give you a range of hours to cover your needs for support and can be available during your office hours. Alternatively, you can use our service to supplement your own to gain a true 24/7 support service.

The types of services we provide are for your Content Management needs, including Magnolia CMS, Adobe AEM, Java, Python, full stack with both backend and frontend development, and DevOps and architecture services.

Some examples


Imagine you have a development project in the US or Canada, and you would like technical reviews to maintain code quality and augment unit tests. We can help with this by completing these tasks in the hours before you start your day.

You can also make use of our services to cover upgrades and maintenance out-of-hours for your customers.


The time zone difference of +1 or +2 for Europe can also be a advantage. It’s close enough to enable remote co-working whilst having enough flexibility to either match your hours or stagger them to have a good overlap.

Australia and New Zealand

The difference in hours is literally night and day, and if you are seeking to have ‘follow the sun’ coverage on your support, maintenance, or development activities then we are perfectly positioned to help you. We can pick up when your local team is clocking off, and without the overlap there’s a significantly reduced risk of conflicting code changes. Add to this better utilisation of development and test environments that you have provisioned as well as faster response to emergent situations then it’s clear that adding global support is the smart thing to do.


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