Here are some of the kind comments we've received in the past. I hope this will give a good impression of how we can help with your projects in the future

I have recently been working on the roll out of Devops automation efforts, and unfortunately have had to span on premise and cloud GIT repositories and two versions of Jenkins (don't ask!). Antony got involved proactively with some nitty gritty technical issues, as he was known to be one of the few experts on getting everything setup. Ultimately he has been pivotal on us taking things forward. Antony embodies the culture, communication and collaboration which is at the centre of the definition of DEVOPS, and is clearly very technical. He would be a great person to lead a Development Team.

I worked with Antony to launch the global CMS rollout while at [client]. I found his easy-going nature and detail oriented approach to his work a great support during what was a very large project. He has a strong work ethic and the ability to understand the holistic view of the project and all it's stakeholders. Antony's knowledge of CQ5, JQuery, Java, HTML and Web Development is an advantage to any project team.

Antony was an Adobe CQ consultant on one of the projects I worked on during my time at [client]. He was widely regarded as immensely knowledgeable and served as the guiding intelligence on the design and implementation of piece of software we wrote. He had a strong passion for the technology and stayed current as newer versions were released. I found him to be an exceptionally talented individual who delivers to his potential.

Antony Hutchison is one of the best AEM Architects in the business. In his role as Tech Lead at [client] he was able to provide the team guidance and enforce the use of best practices. He was a trusted source of knowledge and was always keen to share it with the team wherever it was needed the most. He was instrumental in placing the team not only on track but way ahead of deadlines and it was a pleasure working and learning under his wing. I look forward the opportunity to work with him again.

Antony is a fantastic guy to work with and for. He was the tech lead during his stint at [client] and I had the pleasure of 'picking his brains' on various occasions for all sorts of useful information. The depth and breadth of his technical knowledge is impressive so he is a real asset to any team. I enjoyed working with him tremendously and hope we get the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.

Antony Hutchison has a deep understanding of Adobe CQ's Architecture, Deployment strategies along with Implementation and Development best practices. He has is able to deliver lean, unit tested code and works effectively as a team member with a deep understanding of agile practices and methodologies. Antony is constantly gaining and sharing knowledge of cutting edge, front end and back end technologies which gives him insight to help him provide the best technical solution for any given business requirement.

Antony has excellent all round knowledge of Adobe CQ and other technologies. He is always approachable and helpful with CQ issues and always ready to make suggestions to improve things. His approach for unit tested code, whether through unit tests or cucumber makes him exceptional and provide insight in his thinking process. It was a pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend him and look forward to work with him.

Antony is a diligent and experienced developer. I found his insight and knowledge extremely useful when we worked together at [client] plc, developing components for new and existing content for the new global website content migration. Always prepared with an intelligent and/or witty comment, Antony was a joy to work with. I look forward to crossing paths and working with him again in the future.

As a non-technical person, my recommendation of Anthony's technical skills would be pretty meaningless. (For what it's worth, I reckon he's a guy who REALLY knows his stuff). What I'm more qualified to comment on is what a pleasure he is to work with. Ever-friendly, approachable and helpful, Antony radiates a calm, quiet confidence that speaks loudly. Nothing is too much trouble, and there's no problem he can't solve. His easy-going manner belies his focus, professionalism and competence, making Antony an invaluable addition to any project team.

Antony has an excellent and deep knowledge of Adobe AEM/CQ. He quickly understood the integration points and custom implementations on the project I worked with him.

Antony has excellent knowledge of Adobe CQ and other Adobe products. He was always happy to explain or help with any question whether it is space problem on the server or Git/Jenkins issue. Antony welcomed creativity and trying something new on the project. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Antony did a great job on our [client] project despite inheriting a complex internal stakeholder and technical situation. He showed top-notch programming and communication skills throughout, delivering an excellent final product. I've no qualms in recommending him highly.

Antony and I worked on a couple of projects at [client]. Antony is a nice, knowledge, and driven person always good to work with. I'd like to work with him again in the future projects.

Antony was brought in by [client] to help scope and manage a very large Java project for a client. With a very methodical approach, every detail was covered, leaving for a straight forward build. If you need help planning a project, look no further!

Antony is a knowledgeable and efficient developer. He overcomes challenges with flexible and robust solutions and always remains mindful of the bigger picture rather the issue immediately at hand.

Antony has a rare skill for taking a challenge away, doing all the necessary research, and returning with a complete solution. He's also one of the very few people I've worked with who _really_knows_ how to code.

I always enjoyed working with Antony at [client], although typically his work was more in the java related technologies in contrast to mine. There were a few projects we worked on together. He has a good knowledge of technology and is quick to provide suggestions to solutions.

My experience of working with Antony was always positive. I found him able to manage the most complex of issues with competance and express the solution with clarity.

Antony is an excellent all-round technologist who was a well respected developer at [client], highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike. He was considered the go-to person for expertise on a wide range of technologies, and took ownership of many of our internal systems. He was always helpful and easy to work with.

I had the pleasure of working with Antony during our time at [client]. I found Antony to be a great team player, and although we did not work on the same projects, he was always willing to offer support and advice to me. Antony showed great dedication to his work, working hard to ensure that projects were delivered on time and to a high standard.

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