Why Hutchison Technical?

Hutchison Technical was founded in 2007 as an endeavour to provide high quality solutions for software challenges directly to businesses. We continue this objective today with a strong focus on web technologies and the application of Content Management Systems to give excellent front-of-house web presences coupled with intuitive controls for content authors. Everything is geared towards leveraging existing investments and solving any problems that have significant impact on business outcomes.

Outlined below are some brief highlights from the many projects undertaken. Please get in touch directly to find out more.

Magnolia CMS

Magnolia CMS development in Java and Light Modules, with version 4, 5 and 6.

Certified as a Magnolia Front End Developer for Magnolia CMS 6.1.

Used Magnolia CMS 6.1, React, npm, node, and JSX to produce a well-regarded and interesting prototype enabling the use of GraphQL with Gatsby.js to generate static versions of content-driven pages using SSR (server-side rendering) for caching, performance, SEO and integration purposes.

Technical SEO

SEO analysis with a technical approach, to improve markup and improve facilities enabling refinement of organic search ranking.

Experience with DevOps, Automation, and Support


Packer: Used to create a Virtual Machine on Microsoft Hyper-V instead of Oracle VirtualBox to enable use alongside Docker, to preserve existing investment in Ansible as a change management tool.

CI/CD: Production of pipelines to automate multi-branch builds so that they run automatically and independently on every code commit.

Automation of code formatting enforcement and static code analysis to accelerate code reviews.

Support of a CMS with over 600,000 digital assets consuming 11Tb of storage plus a high volume of pages in English and Chinese until it was decommissioned.

Support and maintenance, providing knowledge in a 3rd line support capacity.

Migrated a service to a Puppet-configured stack to run on client-internal hardware, complete with Apache HTTPd, Adobe CQ5 & Dispatcher, Apache Solr, and Linux configuration.

Adobe AEM

Development with CQ/AEM since 2006. All aspects, including component development, content structure, architecture, support, maintenance, performance optimisation, upgrades and migrations.

Experience with Apache Solr Construction of search crawlers with Apache Nutch and Apache Solr to index sites for SEO assessment.

Assisted in a migration from Apache Solr to Algolia Search. Optimised the code to reduce the number of server-side calls made to Algolia in order to keep the service usage below the contracted limits. Triaged and resolved the issues found as a result of the fundamental differences between Apache Solr and Algolia.

Varnish Cache

Integrated caching for CMS projects with dynamic behaviour controlled by cookies, hostname, and request path. Management of redirection rules, fully test driven to guarantee correct behaviour at build time.

Security & DevSecOps

Augmentation of security through application of HTTP headers such as Content Security Policy (CSP), and improvements to HTML markup and JS standards.

Implemented mod_security with the advice of specialists.

Review and remediation work undertaken as required by CISO in order to meet security policy and standards.


General support and maintenance of CMS integrations with loosely coupled ecommerce solutions to improve reliability and security.

Experience with Agile

Use of Agile methods with Scrum or Kanban employed depending on the project. Creation of tasks, updating descriptions, points estimation, and triage and review.

Front End Development

A broad range of front-end work ranging from updating code to have improved ARIA compatibility to full site builds from Photoshop PSD files.

Application Testing

Involvement and consulting on all aspects of testing, including functional, non-functional, customer-acceptable, visual, unit, and integration testing.

Performance optimisation through resource (JS/CSS) minification, configuring Gzip compression, and setting up correct cache expiry times.

Supporting other testers with technical knowledge.

Full Continuous Deployment workflow using Jenkins CI and Cucumber BDD

Java Development

Development using best-of-breed technology solutions and a high level of automated tests.

Architecture and hands-on development integrating 3rd party services such as Opta Stats, Gigya IDM, and Ooyala Video.

API design and documentation using Swagger.

Solutions developed and delivered on schedule to tight deadlines.

Python Development

Django Development Development of a site using Python 3, Django, and PostgreSQL.

TOTP was implemented as part of the administration interfaces, enabling 2FA tokens for improved security.

This was successfully productionised and upgraded without incident from Django 1 to Django 3.

Architecture and Technical Leadership

Successful delivery of strong architecture and technical excellence on multiple projects.


Analysis of existing systems for content migration activities and producing documentation to assess content and other data.

Technical proposals and designs to find clear and precise solutions.


Working with key stakeholders to arrive at valid solution designs for high volume, strategic sites and to architect robust content systems that enable development to align with business concepts.


Crafted an Information Architecture and component architecture to support creating multiple websites using the same components. Subsequent sites were rapidly created as a result of this effort.

Experience with Building Prototypes

Prototype projects build with a wide variety of tools, technologies and techniques.

This includes various minor development tools built in C#.net to support ongoing development by transforming text or other atomic operations on files.

PHP Development

Website development using PHP included building a broadband speed checking service which integrated with a third-party API to perform postcode lookup. I’ve also built full websites in PHP based on visual designs for the construction industry.

Experience with Wordpress includes installation, configuration, setting up plugins and making minor alterations.


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