Managed Magnolia CMS Hosting

We offer to manage your Magnolia CMS hosting and infrastructure to help you operate it in an efficient and cloud-native manner.

We can help with host on bare metal, co-located hosting, and on service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Digital Ocean and others including Docker.

Our Linux expertise covers all the major distributions including RHEL, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, as well as some of the more esoteric flavours such as Arch and Gentoo.

DevOps is only as effective as the pipelines used to get code and configuration into production, and we have great expertise in this area with the ability to automate builds, execute test suites, and promote between environments

Monitoring is well covered too with tools like NewRelic, CloudFlare, and log aggregation using ELK, EFK, or EKK. Advanced dashboards can be constructed to give you insights to identify issues and formulate corrective strategies.
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