Hutchbot SEO tools

You've reached this page because either:

  • you're interested in our Technical SEO services and want to find out more about the tools we use
  • someone is impersonating our SEO toolchain
  • or, we're working on your site and using an indexer to collect data

If this is causing concern or actual problems, the recommended course of action is to block this in your robots.txt and inform us directly for triage.

What is 'Hutchbot'?

By convention, webcrawlers should be named ending with 'bot' to indicate it's a robotic automation. I've named this one Hutchbot, as it's developed and operated by Hutchison Techincal.

What does Hutchbot do?

At present, the function of Hutchbot is:

  1. To index specific pages or sites. It doesn't crawl the entire internet.
  2. To collate publically accessible data for analysis with a view towards optimising websites through changes to markup and other technical measures.

It's only used on specific URLs, for limited periods of time, and is throttled appropriately.


Hutchbot is well behaved and respects robots metadata using the name 'Hutchbot'. You may disallow this name if you wish to prevent crawling, but in doing so you may impede ongoing work on your behalf. I suggest you take the time to talk with me if you do decide to prohibit Hutchbot from crawling your site.

We're case sensitive too, so we always use 'Hutchbot' and never 'HutchBot'.

Contact us to find out more.